Posted by Taveya on August 7, 2015

Let me be very clear, I do not endorse the use of propellants and fire to kill anything.
Yeah I know … My brother and I did it, and if you asked either one of us, killing ants with hairspray and a lighter was our best childhood memory. Now, as an adult (with a child) I know that I could have lost a hand, an eye or at least an eyebrow. Sometimes I am amazed that I lived past the 4th grade.
Now that I have married into a pest control business, I know now, even more reasons that it is not a good idea, to kill insects with fire. First, it will not solve your problem. Granted an open flame to a problem that seems to never go away is enticing, but I digress. When an ant colony feels threatened, with fire, pest repellants, household chemicals (Lucas the destroyer), the colony may split into several new colonies and make the entire problem worse. Second, the ants in your house are not living in your house…. they live outside. They are coming into your house because there is food. Remove the food and solve part of your problem. (yes, ants like jellybeans) The best solution is to bait the ants, let them take the bait back into the colony. The ant bait will be shared among the ant population and in turn collapse the colony.
Why hire a pest control company? First, the products we use are not the same as what you can buy at your local box store. Also, we have more than one “flavor” of product. Ants will gather the food through the summer that the colony needs; carbohydrates, fats, proteins and micronutrients. If the colony needs a specific nutrient rich food source the ants will gather that type of food. Thus, if you go to a big box store, buy stale bait, and they don’t eat a lot of it, or they do not like that “flavor” the colony will not collapse and you will still have the ants. That all said, we will send out a smiling technician that will find the colony and give them a nice tasty treat that they will love to share with all their ant friends.
…and then they will all ….. die! Die! DIE!
And if you are thinking about the DIY before you call us … do us a favor and …
Do not use a pest “repellant” it just makes the ants go somewhere else, in your house – or your neighbor’s house, and could cause the colony to split.
Why should you call Capitol Pest Management, and not someone else? Our Warranty. We will solve your problem. Call around, interview a few pest control companies, and see what you think. Remember to compare apples to apples.
You need to know … there is a reason we are not the least expensive pest control company in the valley. Call us and find out why.