Our service goes beyond solving pest problems. Yes, beyond pest problems.

We all fear what we do not understand. Here at Capitol Pest, we take the time to explain why we do what we do. We walk through the pest issue, answering questions and discussing; pest behavior, the products we use, and why we accomplish the task the way we do.

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Our Methods

Recognizing that the purpose of pest control is to protect your home and business, we consider safety and comfort a priority when treating your property. Because every property is unique, we thoroughly inspect the area to determine what pests are present and what measures are required to safely and effectively treat the pest issue.

Effective pest control often requires the use of pesticide products, which should always be taken seriously and only applied by professionals who have a working knowledge of these products. At Capitol Pest Management, our technicians are licensed, and have extensive knowledge and training of the pest control products we use.
As a company, we are also diligent in choosing the most environmentally friendly products available. We understand that the methods and products used to protect your home and business must not cause unnecessary safety or comfort issues. The products we choose to utilize are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Idaho Department of Agriculture. These products, when correctly applied, will not pollute the area of application.
Rest assured, the only lasting change to the environment of your home or business will be the lack of those annoying pests.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an inspection.